Leaving Apple Retail after 19 years

Protect Your Eyes

My Colorized Eyes (John Maryn)

Three perspectives on adversity and losing sight of goals.

Losing sight (John Maryn)

Writing. Everyday memories are sometimes priceless.

Pass along a kind gesture to someone else.

If a Tree Falls__The Movie

Seeking the truth. It’s out there (somewhere).

I feel a connection to my car.

  • We are both considered vintage.
  • Our mileage is increasing every year.
  • We’ve lost some of our dazzling shine.
  • I…

Writing novels ain’t easy.

I Time Travel back to Vienna 1972 and the Bernstein-Mahler Concerts

John Maryn

Just a normal still-not-quite-retired babysitting grandpa with a love of writing, composing music, photography, art, and encouraging creativity in young folks.

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