Day 001 — Ten Years After (36yearsago)

A look back at my blog and journal as a music student in Vienna, 1971.

Day 001 — Welcome to Ten Years After (36YearsAgo)

  • • First time on a plane.
    • First time outside of NJ, NY, PA, and VT.
    • First time in a country where English was not the main language.
    • First time in Austria, East & West Germany, France, and Poland.
    • First love.
    • First year I didn’t have to work (after age 12 or so). That’s a BIG one.
    • First graduate study and fellowship.
    • First real train ride (non-commuter).
    • First time face-to-face with communism.
    •First year totally immersed in my love and my career — music.
    • First purchase of a French Horn.
    • First-time performance of Bruckner’s Symphony No. 8 on Wagner Tuba in the Vienna Musikverein concert hall.
    • First time I saw my mother’s birthplace (Poland).
    • First pop song ever written (corny).
    • First “musique concrete” composition (avant garde).
    • First time I met Leonard Bernstein (got his autograph).
    • First earthquake (Bernstein-Mahler concert).
    • First time skiing outside of NJ, NY, and VT.
    • First time standing naked in front of a girl outside of a sauna.
  • First time I kept a journal (called a diary in those days).

The Original Blog

The original blog in 2007 was the first time I published the transcript from my paper journal. As mentioned, it was exciting to read and type my transcript on the exact same day it happened in 1971, except 36 years later. I was not able to do this daily for the entire year (for example, when my computer blew up), but for the most part, I did.

2017 Takeaway

Keep a paper journal. Keep a paper journal when you embark on any special journey or adventure, whether travel, family, school, startup, or learning to cook meatloaf. Electronic journals are also wonderful but your family and grandkids may not continue to pay your web hosting cost and your adventure will disappear. Put the paper journal or printed book on your bookshelf. Read it one day far into the future. It will make you smile.



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John Maryn

Just a normal still-not-quite-retired babysitting grandpa with a love of writing, composing music, photography, art, and encouraging creativity in young folks.